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Customize my Tango jewelry

Customize my Tango jewelry


Tango is danced with a partner. But the best partner to pair yourself with is diamonds! Surrender yourself and let the diamond's streak of lights guide you to the dancefloor. Follow your precious stone's light movement, and you'll be dancing under the spotlight that is sure to mesmerize.

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An air of Tango

A triangle paved with diamonds

RedLine takes you to a new travel experience in Argentina. A sensual dance requiring close connection and passion between partners. There is no better connection and passion than with the Tango collection. Sumptuous jewelry set with a 0.05ct triangular-shaped diamond highlighting a vibrant, expressive and playful style of movement of lights. The ideal partner to match any outfits, the perfect companion to every parties and celebration. The Tango jewelry pieces adapt to the rhythm of your life throughout your journey. Reflect your passion through the string bracelet with the color of your choice. Exhibit your inner shine through the gold chain necklace and bracelet with your favorite gold setting. Conquer everything with the half-chain half-string bracelet and lead the way! Guide your desires throughout customizing your Tango jewelry to create the perfect match!

At the sound of the music

A jewelry with a triangle

Jewelry set encapsulating soothing holidays and romantic getaways in the beautiful lands and streets of Argentina. Follow the rhythm of the Tango collection and let it lead you to an experience you will sure to cherish and remember. Beautiful coordination between diamonds and gold chain or string fully captivates any attention. Customize your Tango gold chain necklace and bracelet with the gold setting of your choice, select between rose gold, yellow gold or white gold. Set your Tango string bracelet with your favorite string color, choose among 80 various string colors. Or go absolute with the half-string half-chain Tango diamond bracelet. Play and match colors which significantly impacts your visual appeal, notably promoting your elegance, sensuality, and passion. Grab your Tango ally on our online store and get ready to enter the world of twinkles, sparks, and stars.