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Customize my Twist jewelry

Customize my Twist jewelry


Come on let's twist again! ... Go back to the 60s, dance with this drop-shaped diamond-paved jewel. A simple yet beautiful jewelry piece, like the catchy steps of this happy and dynamic dance. Do not lose a drop!

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Come on!

A diamond-paved pear

A simple and catchy dance, just like the Twist jewelry by RedLine, a soft tear filled with diamonds. The twist inflamed the 60s in the air of rock'n'roll: with an original movement, and some good music, they are the recipes of this international wave that never lose its charm. Get yourself this simple, catchy, unique, and trendy as this dance craze! A drop of luminous glowing diamond caressing the twinkling gold chain. The Twist diamond also comes in string edition, where it's entirely up to you to mix and match colors! Make a jewelry piece that makes you go twisting with sparks until the sunrise.

Let's Twist again!

A jewelry with a diamond pear

The Twist collection presents a drop of diamond in a jewelry piece. Let this diamond droplet drips in your string, chain or half string half chain bracelet. Customize your Twist bracelet even further by choosing your favorite string color among the shades of red, blue, green, violet, orange, yellow, beige, brown, black, and why not splash some neon colors! Or tune in for gold chain bracelet between rose gold, black gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Grab your Twist jewelry piece on our e-shop and have fun customizing with an incredible twist!