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Customize RedLine thin ring

Customize RedLine thin ring

Thin ring

Glossy, lustrous, refined and precise... Qualities that have been marked RedLine jewelry brand. Our thin rings can be worn alone or layered because there is never too much of anything.

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In such subtlety

Thin gold Ring

Refined thin rings encapsulate feminity and elegance; assets embodied by graceful women carried every day through rings, strings, and chains. RedLine is the home of Fine Jewelry, a place where sumptuous pieces of custom jewelry are created. Our customizable thin rings are available in different styles, brilliant stones, and colors. String rings which composition remained secret, endued with high-resistant materials and available in 80 various string colors. Chain and band rings are made of high-quality well-polished noble metal in18k gold in rose gold, black gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Don't just settle with the string's vibrant colors and the gold's flossy allure, make the most of your jewelry piece with scintillating little diamonds or luminescing precious stones... lustrous final touches to add sophistication and elegance to your look.

Express yourself

Thin gold ring for women

Harmony and a bit of poetry in a thin ring. RedLine creates custom jewelry pieces tailored to match your tastes and desires. An incredible harmony of mixed elements expresses the beautiful poetry of exceptional beauty. RedLine thin rings of all styles can be layered and worn every single day. Adjustable string, chain, or band rings, wear them with style and try layering. Play with the minimalistic trendy looks, have fun with colors, character, attitude, or mood. RedLine thin rings are for everyone: sleek, classic, rock, romantic, and more to discover. Explore our whole collection.