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Customize RedLine pearl ring

Customize RedLine pearl ring

Pearl ring

Pearls are among the most popular gems in the world for centuries. Our sumptuous pearl ring of serene beauty makes a perfect compliment to your look. This jewelry possesses an elegance that can shine alone.

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Pearl ring with diamond

Envelope your fingers with RedLine pearl rings. Another timeless classic in the world of jewelry with its soft white lustrous orbs. Customize your pearl ring with your favorite color from the string to the gold setting. Over 80 string colors available to choose from and gold hardware in rose gold, black gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Admire the soft shimmers of the pearl, the brilliance of the diamond, and the sparks from the gold around your fingers.

Symbol of beauty

Thin pearl ring

Due to its shape, the pearl has been associated with the moon. But some stories say white pearls are tears shed by the gods. From prehistory to modern times, pearl signifies perfect beauty, humility, innocence, and a sense of gratitude. In the West, Botticelli's one of the most renowned works represents the birth of goddess Venus on a seashell.