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Customize RedLine Brazilian friendship bracelet

Customize RedLine Brazilian friendship bracelet

Brazilian bracelets

Discover the Friendship bracelet, braided strings symbolizing friendship and bring a piece of good luck. So don't forget to make a wish before putting on this traditional Latin American bracelet, which RedLine has redesigned to be even more precious! You can choose embed pearls, diamonds, or one of our dazzling gemstones and make it your unique lucky charm.

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The brazilian bracelet

The Friendship bracelet is a slim bracelet made up of several colored braided strings. Originally made in South America which is tied around our wrists as a lucky charm. It is also a sign of friendship if given by another person. People traditionally make a wish before tying this bracelet for the first time. RedLine got inspired by this tradition and designed a luxurious woven bracelet on which diamonds and precious stones are inlaid to create a unique, delicate, and colorful piece of jewelry! Choose a Friendship bracelet for women or a Friendship bracelet for men and make a wish! Maybe it can even be a gift for a special friend!


Trendy brazilian friendship bracelet

The technique and tradition behind the Friendship bracelet have traveled from Latin America to Europe, and this bracelet has quickly become a beautiful symbol of open-mindedness, freedom, and friendship. It is even believed to have the power to fulfill our greatest dream. Make this lucky bracelet a real jewel by adding a sparkling white diamond or a mysterious black diamond. Feel free to come and check out our elegant Friendship bracelets in our Parisian showroom, rue Saint Honoré or online, through our customizable jewelry e-commerce website.