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Customize RedLine diamond string bracelet

Customize RedLine diamond string bracelet

Diamond string bracelet

A diamond on a string. Find RedLine's must-have models of string bracelets with a diamond. The string of life becomes a precious ally to the strength of the diamond, a stone of eternal beauty. The crossing of two strong symbols is dear to our brand, brought together to create a radiant and glamorous jewel.

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A story

A diamond on a string

A diamond on a string. This is how RedLine began, and it summarizes the origins of our story as a brand. The must-have red string bracelet and its diamond are the emblems of the jewelry house. A powerful symbol which put, in contrast, the fragility of life through the string with the eternal strength of the diamond. Pick a string color for your bracelet; could be red, pink, blue, green, yellow, grey... Give free rein to your imagination and dreams. Combine the beauty of the diamond with yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or black gold setting. Your jewelry is waiting to be created in our Parisian workshop. Order it online, and RedLine will manufacture your bracelet just for you. Enjoy a unique online jewelry experience with custom-made jewelry!


Which color of string bracelet?

At RedLine, each color has its own symbolism so that everyone can claim their character or personality through their jewelry. Blue string symbolizes infinity, freedom, spirituality, and calm. Green string evokes hope, chance, and nature. Red string, RedLine's emblematic color, represents passion, love but also wealth and richness. Violet string represents intelligence and wisdom, but also the balance between the sky (blue color) and the earth (red color), therefore represents calmness. Pink string is the color of youth, femininity, softness, romanticism, and love. Brown string represents grounding, solidity, and discretion. Orange string embodies warmth and softness in reference to the sun and autumn. Yellow string recalls the color of gold and therefore symbolizes abundance. This bright color also reminds joy, good spirits, and optimism. Black string represents sobriety, elegance, refinement, luxury but also mystery. White string is associated with peace, purity, innocence, and spirituality.