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Customize RedLine ruby bracelet

Customize RedLine ruby bracelet

Ruby bracelets

Discover our ruby bracelets! This stunning red gemstone was once given to the knights for protection. Ruby is known to help maintain good health and to temper strong feelings and emotions. Wear this polished red stone around your wrist to feel all its virtues.

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With red gemstone

Ruby Bracelet

Discover our radiant ruby bracelets. A bright, vibrant, and distinct red gemstone. Our ruby bracelets come in string bracelets or in an 18k gold chain. Enhance your ruby by combining it with white gold, or by choosing yellow gold, black gold or rose gold. The Hindus know the ruby as the King of Precious Stones and the Leader of Gems while in the Orient, ruby was described as “a drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth”. Red has a particular significance to RedLine, the brand with the red line which is fond of symbolism in stones and colors of its jewelry. Working with rubies was, therefore, a matter of course.

Royal stone

Ruby for women

The word ruby comes from the Latin word "rubber" for red. It is also the lucky stone for those born in July. Ruby echoes RedLine's signature color, red. Offer yourself a stone of passions. This treasured gemstone is the symbol of ultimate love, loyalty and the emblem of happiness. Evoking fire and blood, ruby is also associated with courage. Red stone with multiple reflections is also the royal insignia that kings wore on their helmet or crown. Where will you wear your ruby?