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United by the diamond

Half string half chain necklace

Lift your head and gather all the positivity around you. The Mini Pure collection features tenderness embodied by the 18k white gold chain and great fondness from the 0.05ct diamond. However, all good things do not end there. The RedLine iconic string highlights the boundless beauty and purity of these elements. Why choose if you can have everything. Shape your own custom half-string half-chain necklace available online and in our workshop.

Let it glow

Small diamond

RedLine always seeks to provide the highest quality in its designs. Innovation, expertise, and excellence are the core values of this French jewelry house. The Mini Pure collection invites half-string half-chain diamond necklace to be part of its exceptional jewelry creations: made with 18k gold, 0.5ct diamond, and ultra-resistant string. These elements combined allow you to customize your necklace in such countless ways, to choose among 4 gold chain settings and more than 80 string colors. RedLine creates your favorite piece with love and passion in their Parisian workshop. Revealing out your creative and personal touch to your jewelry is undoubtedly a memorable experience you will live with forever.