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Customize my K Color jewelry

Customize my K Color jewelry

K Color

A black diamond with shades so deep like eternal love so devoted and true. A black diamond is an extraordinary stone with exceptional sophistication, remarkable elegance, and impressive mysterious atmosphere. When everything turns dark, her amazing beauty rises up to enlighten those under the shadows. RedLine represents the power of black in the K color collection.

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A sensual color

Black diamond

Witness the captivating fusion between love and force through the 0.1ct black diamond from the Kcolor collection. A beauty that will emerge in lightness or darkness, a meaningful token of life to honor. Wear this powerful symbol of virtue through Kcolor necklace, bracelet, and ring. The simplicity of the flossy 18k gold bezel's curves elevates the diamond's entire beauty. Kcolor black diamond features a gold chain necklace, bracelet, and ring; string bracelet; half-chain half-string necklace and bracelet. Pick your favorite gold setting on your Kcolor gold chain jewelry pieces or match your most-loved string color to your Kcolor string jewels.

A contemporary jewel

Diamond for men and women

Discover the prestigious union of beauty and character from the black diamond of the Kcolor collection. Boundless possibilities of choices and combinations to choose from. Kcolor gold chain necklace, bracelet, and ring in white gold, black gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Kcolor string jewelry pieces in more than 80 string colors available. Each black diamond in the Kcolor jewelry line features a majestic 18k gold bezel setting. Glorify yourself with this spellbinding jewelry set online.